Located at 361 Hellems Avenue, in Welland, Ontario, L3B 3C3, (905)-734-9678

The Welland Hungarian Self Culture Society was first established by immigrant settlers from Hungary in 1921 and on January 1st, 1925 the Welland Hungarian Hall was formed. The founders were Frank Ahman, C. Kovacs, John Szuch, Louis Szabo, Victoria Szabo, and Joseph Videki. The Hungarian society in Welland began with a strong-willed group of new immigrants  who believed in maintaining and building the Hungarian culture and diaspora in their new home, Canada. This is the same attitude we carry today as the Hungarian Self Culture Society of Welland and we are firm believers in preserving our roots and culture. We also believe it is important to adapt to our constantly changing society. We welcome all new comers with open arms! Please refer to the yearly calendar posted to stay up to date on upcoming events and gatherings. The hall is located on 361 Hellems Ave. Welland, ON.



** For all Hall Rental inquiries, please call Mrs. Anna Hengsperger at (905) 735-0959. **

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