Anniversary Stories

Since the inception of the Hungarian Self Culture Society of Welland in 1921, there have been many anniversaries celebrated at the Hungarian Hall.  Over the years, we have hosted large parties with hundreds of guests, dignitaries, politicians, and clergy present while at other times, as in 1925, due to WWI and WWII, we celebrated quietly out of respect for our fellow members fighting in the war.  Regardless of the circumstances,  we always came together as a community to remember our founders and the sacrifices made by fellow members to honour our forefathers and to keep the goals of the society and the membership alive. 

25th Anniversary – 1946

40th Anniversary – 1961

50th Anniversary – 1971

75th Anniversary – 1996

80th Anniversary – 2001

85th Anniversary – 2006

90th Anniversary – 2011

95th Anniversary – 2016

100th Anniversary – 2021