The Hungarian Heritage & Cultural Centre

Over the last 100 years, the Hungarian Hall has been a place where Hungarian families have been able to practice their traditions, such as their cooking, their dances, their language and culture.  These traditions were passed on from generation to generation and along the way, a lot of information, from their heritage was collected including dishware, music, books, costumes, historical letters, documents, and even clothing.

We recognize that the knowledge, traditions and items we have collected, are valuable and need to be preserved for future generations.  Therefore, we are planning to create a community space in the lower level of the Welland Hungarian Hall, where many samples of these items will be on display.  This space will be something that members will be proud to show their families and friends, and a beautiful place for visitors and dignitaries, to come to visit and walk around and look at the beautiful costumes, dishware, china, crystal, embroidery work, musical instruments etc. 

The Hungarian Heritage & Cultural Centre will be opening in the Fall of 2023, and will be located in the lower level of the Hungarian Hall in Welland.

If you would like to volunteer and help develop this new space, please  Contact Us.