Trianon History Presentation – June 24, 2022

On Friday June 24, 2022 Dr. Sziliva Baba Ph.D., will be giving a presentation at the Welland Hungarian Hall at 7pm, on some of the History of Trianon. She will also be speaking about her research work on Hungarians in Canada. We hope you will join us for this interesting presentation which will be in Hungarian. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

Presentation Poster (Dr. Baba top left corner)

In October of 2015 I defended my PhD thesis titled “Hungarian identity among the overseas diaspora” summa cum laude at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School at the University of Pécs. The thesis was published as a book in December of 2015 by the Hungarian Research Institute for National Strategy. The second, unchanged edition was published in March by Méry Ratio Publisher, with the support of the Foundation for a Civic Hungary.

The consideration of the history, fate, situation and opportunities of the Hungarians in the Carpathian basin is naturally an issue that has remained on the front page for decades. However, the questions “who is Hungarian” and “what is Hungarian” are also important when looking afar. The exiled, émigrés, stateless persons, refugees, dissidents, citizens abroad, Westerners or overseas… “Hungarians in the wide world”. Is the adage “a nation lives in its language” still relevant? What does it mean to be a Hungarian, or to remain Hungarian, overseas? Can a person have two homelands? Dual identity—does it exist? How can young people born and establishing families in America, Canada or Australia maintain or develop their identity as Hungarians?… For those whom Hungary is not home, but who nevertheless feels connected (or want to) through their ancestors and cultural and intellectual heritage. What have been and what are the expressions, spaces and opportunities for conscious ethnic identification, i.e., for Hungarian identity? My thesis was driven by the search for answers to these questions. I would like to thank all those who assisted in my work by agreeing to interviews, providing data, filling out questionnaires and organizing conferences and meetings!

As a beneficiary of the Scholarship Program of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (2021-2024) I have been given the opportunity to continue my research. I am studying present and future of the spaces for the expression of Hungarian identity among the North American diaspora. I am analyzing the kind of challenges that churches, organizations, press organs, schools, folk dance troupes, theatre groups, scouts and artists must face. I am further examining the degree to which the leaders of organizations and the organizers of events are familiar with current Hungarian culture (and within that arts, including creative, industrial, folk and folk-industrial arts) from the mother country and in a wider sense the Carpathian basin. I am further studying the extent to which such contemporary Hungarian culture and arts (creative, industrial, folk and folk-industrial, performance) appears in the life of the North American diaspora. I plan to measure the kinds of cultural and artistic production that are in demand and have potential demand in the American and Canadian diaspora.

I kindly ask for your assistance in the research by filling out the questionnaire. Thank you!